Across the World

I’m feeling sad because across the world my family is in trouble.  I’m not sure how other minorities feel but for me, every lesbian is my sister and every gay man, my brother. I am a part of a great big family and I hope that we have more than oppression in common. 

The gay movement has always been at its finest under duress. We come together and fight for our freedoms and rights. We put aside our many differences and we are brave in the face of adversity. I am European and my expectations are high. I demand respect and expect equality. I want the freedom to live and love as I wish with minimal intervention from state, religion and judiciary. I have fought in many ways and can see the benefit of my labours. The rainbow is our symbol because because through the tears of oppression comes the sunshine of liberation.


The world is a multi faceted place. My brothers and sisters lead different lives in different parts of the world and their struggles for freedom are not  yet as advanced. In places it feels like we are moving backward. Would I be brave like if I lived in Russia, Uganda or Saudi Arabia? The truth is I don’t know. 

My family is having a tough time but hang in there brothers and sisters because one day the sun is going to shine and we will see that rainbow all across the world. 


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