I don’t know about you. In fact I don’t know you. Hello. I hope you are well. Me? I’m fine thanks. I woke up this morning with a sense of carpe diem and I am running with it. 

My normal morning is an early, lazy start. I catch up with the world via my phone and play games and lounge while the sun rises. The more I lounge, the less I want to get up. The Asperger Path can be a road to nowhere. Sometimes it is only when nature’s call becomes all consuming that I rouse my carcass and get myself upright. 

Not today. I’m writing this having already achieved great things. I was up and out at the market by seven. I’ve had a morning coffee and I’ve been to the “western shop” as well. My ride home was a little precarious with a kilo or two too much in my basket but I am home safe and feeling rather proud of myself. 

I’m a bit tired. It’s not even 9am. I think it’s time for a spot of lounging. Bye. 


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