No Place for a Cactus

Life can be an emotional marketplace. People displaying their wares and constantly attracting people, but also and equally  not attracting others. When I look at relationships I see hooks and eyes, Velcro or even a zip. People are busy meshing together in different ways to form bonds, friendships, marriages and a whole myriad of complex, interdependent relationships. 

Some of those hooks are universal while others are more esoteric. There are people who are loved by almost everybody. They can somehow see what is on offer and move towards a mutual bonding solution. We are all different and unique. Within this melee I stand like a cactus.  I am part of life and yet I am passed by. Many people fear and avoid my thorny spiked exterior.  

The Asperger Path is not lonely. There are people I attract too. When I see beautiful, kind souls I flower. I offer up my self for those who see my differences and are not scared by them. These rare creatures who allow me to be who I am are what I seek. Together we build gentle spaces where I can be safe in a love that holds, but not too tightly. I do not attract many but I know a strong, true heart when I see one. 

The market is no place for a cactus. I hurt people as they brush past living their lives furiously. My hooks are spikes and so I have chosen wider, open spaces to make my home. My emotional landscape isn’t barren or empty. It’s beautiful, like the desert after rain.  


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