The first time the power went out I learnt a lot of things. Most surprisingly that no electricity means no running water in my second floor room. So this time, when the power went off again, I approached the situation with a Zen like calm that should please the predominantly Buddhist subjects of The Kingdom of Wonder.
The first clue was that my iPad mini could not connect to the wifi and I lost my calming classics that YouTube had been providing. Then I realised my ceiling fan was not rotating and that the room was getting hot. Bearing in mind that the temperature was a humid 31 degrees with a feels like factor of 36 I’m surprised that wasn’t noticed first. However I realised it was time to get up and get out of my sundrenched room and look for a shady spot.
So I washed in the dark windowless bathroon using the big water container and my handy jug. I brushed my teeth in mineral water and threw on some clothes. I assumed that the power might be on in the centre of Cambodia’s second city. I was wrong. However my favourite café has a breezy terrace and can still offer everything on the breakfast buffet menu.
Except coffee.
Some days I would have been in melt down by now. Thankfully it is Sunday so I have no external pressures like work to tip me off balance. The insistent little voice in the back of my head is being kept under control but I keep thinking over and over and over that if they have gas to make an omelette then surely they could get a coffee on the go. I guess even on my good days I still have Aspergers. There’s no outage for me.


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