Living And Learning

I would be the first to admit I’m not the most flexible person. I like a bit of routine, structure and order. However friends who know me well, also know that I balance that, albeit precariously, with little random moments of spontaneity. So Cambodia can be quite a challenge for a man like me. Nothing works the way I would expect here. So when I apply my unique logic to the problem, solutions evaporate and frustration ensues. My life is seemingly lived on shifting sands. Everyday brings new challenges. Each challenge I survive teaches me more about myself and some of what I am learning isn’t pretty. I’m learning, slowly and painfully that problems can’t always be solved to my satisfaction. I’m learning that corruption is part of the way things work. I’m learning that smiles are part of life even when the chips are down. Are these small lessons that should have been learnt long ago? Perhaps but I’m a life long learner and a life long liver so I’m persevering. And when I see the problems others face here it’s good to remember all the amazing things I have. I am not rich but I have never seen such poverty. I have an education I can put to good use here. So perhaps I need to shrug my shoulders more. Perhaps I need to let things go a little more. Cambodia, I can teach your children but can I learn to live here. I guess there’s only one way to find out. 


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